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Import Clearance

We got your customs needs covered

We are registered customs agents in Kenya capable of taking care of a wide array of customs brokerage needs.

They include;

Import customs clearance
For goods coming into Kenya for personal use or commercial use, we are able to clear through customs on your behalf.

Export customs clearance
We will be able to process your goods leaving Kenya through customs be it on a permanent basis or temporary basis.

Transshipment Customs clearance
We have an adequate bond in place to clear your shipment under bond before it transits to its final destination if it is bound for a foreign country but transiting via Kenya.

Cross Border Clearance
For goods needing clearance across the Kenyan borders by road.

We purpose to handle the customs clearance process in the fastest way possible to save you unnecessary storage charges that arise due to delays. Our expertise of customs declaration allows us to notify you of any duties or taxes that must be paid, allowing you to better plan for your imports.

All you need to do is provide us with the following information;

• Nature of goods
• Country of Origin
• Value of the shipment
• Weight of the shipment

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