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Shipping Flowers In Kenya

Flowers, especially fresh flowers, are like the Holy Grail. However, choosing a shipping company that can handle your shipment might be difficult at times. Polygon Logistics Limited simplifies the process for you. All of your exports will be shipped by us and delivered to you on time.

Our process is keen on maintaining the cool chain to ensure product efficacy and product safety. In partnership with our global partners, we ensure seamless clearance and delivery in all parts of the world.

Take Time To Smell The Roses…

Nestled high up in the beautiful Highlands of Kenya is a beautiful gift – the most beautiful Roses in the world. Grown under premium conditions, sown and crafted by dedicated professionals, and nurtured by the best conditions nature can offer. We understand how precious this gift is. We appreciate the need to get flowers to you as fresh as can be. Our dedicated team of industry specialists works day and night to afford you a service that makes you feel like you plucked the roses yourself. From us to you. Fresh.

And, Hey, We Are Now Shipping From Eldoret

We brought the action closer for our growers in the rift valley region in November 2022, thanks to a partnership with Skyrosa Ltd. Our services are still focused on maintaining the cool chain and making timely delivery.

Let’s Make Every Moment Special for You

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